Dedicated to providing incomparable service

Whiting Management Resources strives to make our client’s pre-eminent in their respective areas and to help each association reach or exceed their stated goals and objectives.  With this goal always at the forefront, we seek to provide an exciting, fulfilling, supportive, and educational work environment for our employees.

At every level, we are committed to your vision, your mission, your membership. We also concentrate on optimizing efficiencies, streamlining expenditures and keeping your organization on track toward long-term growth and achievement


At WMR, we provide client associations with active leadership. Not only do we provide
expertise to the association in the context of a successful and financially thriving organization,
our executives work closely with the clients and leadership to become knowledgeable
in the industries or professions they represent. By doing so, we are in a position
to offer ideas and strategies specific to their interests and to act quickly and decisively
within parameters established by the elected client leaders. This not only allows
elected and volunteer leaders to devote more time to policy, strategy, and ideas, but offers
another viewpoint for consideration in future planning.

Stability & Continuity

Effective, stable management is key to an organization’s success in serving its members
and long-term growth. That is why once an organization becomes affiliated with us, it


Strategic thinking and creativity are strong suits at WMR. WMR clients benefit from our
senior executive team’s vast experience in leading associations and businesses. We
draw upon this experience to grow associations and enhance member services, as well
as to develop new and innovative programs. We strongly endorse developing annual
and multi-year plans and provide the tools and resources not only to develop these plans
but to make them succeed.

Motivated to Help Associations Succeed

WMR is a for-profit company. Our success and growth are largely dependent on the success
and growth of our client associations. We manage associations as we would a
business. Developing and implementing successful, efficient operations and programs
for associations lead to expanded and new programs, which mutually benefit our clients
and our company.

Management Depth

When an association hires WMR, it hires more than an executive director. It hires a management
team complete with back-up executives, as well as professional and administrative
support, who actively serve the client. The management depth we provide ensures
client associations will not endure down time or interruptions to operations that can
result from executive turnover common with associations.

Technical Resources

WMR maintains a fully equipped office in Denver, CO. Clients benefit from our investments
in the most current technologies, including Internet access and e-mail, ecommerce
solutions, computer-based integrated e-mail/fax ability, Web site development
and maintenance, and a modern telecommunications systems.